Kohsei 恒星


アーティスト/ “ありあるクリエーションズ” アート・ディレクター

また“kohsei-tom”と“Red of the Yuniverse”の二つのバンドで
只今、ソロ楽曲をBo-z EXP氏と制作中。

2004年よりアートユニット“a ri A Ru Creationz”を結成。オーガナイザーとして自身の個展とヨシズミ トシオ氏の個展を軸に、国内外問わず個展・グループ展・異業種文化交流会等を、埼玉県立近代美術館、茨城県古河街角美術館、都内画廊にて企画開催している。


Kohsei 恒星 HP

HASEGAWA Kohen 長谷川 康円 HP

Kohsei a.k.a. HASEGAWA Kohen

Art Director of “a ri A Ru Creationz”

As Kohsei, his art works has been featured and awarded at over 100 exhibitions domestically and internationally since 1995. After the exhibition at Cluj museum in 1995, he has been having exhibitions only at museums. He also plays music at his exhibitions and has been invited to art festivals overseas in recent years.

He plays 6 strings and does screaming in these bands called “kohsei-tom” and “Red of the Yuniverse”. They play shows mostly in Tokyo.

This art unit called “a ri A Ru Creationz” was formed in 2004 and as the organizer of the unit he has been organizing many art exhibitions mainly his own and Yoshizumi Toshio’s at Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Koga Machikado Museum of Fine Arts and galleries in Tokyo.

He now opens Zesou painting/woodcut/painting school in Kuribayashi. Please check his website for details.